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Social Responsibility


Arabian Crude Company, LLC ’s sustainability story has developed in tandem with the evolution of the Arabian Crude Project.

It has been a journey that started by complying with legal and regulatory requirements and developed into stakeholder engagement, dealing with themes such as corporate social responsibility and the integration of sustainability into business decision making.

In 2010, Arabian Crude Company, LLC issued its inaugural sustainability report. This report and all subsequent reports outline the company’s sustainability performance and illustrate the company’s commitment to drive and deliver positive economic, social and environmental impacts.

These efforts have been illustrated by the continuing work it performs as a founding member of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group (ADSG) and work conducted earlier with the Qatar Energy and Industry Sector Sustainability (QEISS) Program and subsequent activities undertaken to advance the sustainability agenda in both countries.

In 2014, Arabian Crude Company, LLC issued its Sustainability Management Policy which formalized the company’s Sustainability Management Program (SMP). The program provided guidelines for developing, maintaining and exercising sustainability management within Arabian Crude Company, LLC.

The policy and program make provision for proactive stakeholder engagement - examples of which are included in this section. The company’s engagement program focuses on Education, Arts, Environment, Culture, Dialogue and Sports.

social responnsibility

Each outlines current community outreach programs and practices adopted by Arabian Crude Company, LLC

These programs help strengthen links with the company’s neighboring communities and partners - local, regional and global. Put simply, being a good neighbor is good business.

Sustainability Reports

Executive Summary