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Arabian Crude Company, LLC endorses initiatives that help develop young, talented Emiratis and Qataris. The company has developed strong relationships with prominent education institutions and supports and sponsors high profile initiatives that focus on career, professional and personal development.

Current Initiatives


Arabian Crude Company, LLC has formed a close alliance with Texas A&M-Qatar and sponsors the Student Engineers’ Council, which organizes academic and social events. These include the Annual Engineering Day (E-Day), the Philanthropy event, FAME Conference, the Leadership in Freshman Engineers (LIFE), the Networking Workshops, the Planetarium Projects and the Welcome Back event.

The company also provided financial assistance to the Student Engineering Council Scholarship program, a safari trip, an international education trip, face mask distribution, senior hoodies for 2020 graduates and supported media and marketing efforts.

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Through an Annual Cooperation Agreement, Arabian Crude Company, LLC sponsors Qatar University (QU) and supports a number of activities.

Under the College of Engineering, the company sponsored the QU Digital Transformation program and Training for Students - The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE). Arabian Crude Company, LLC also sponsored the Career Qualifying Program which is part of the QU Career Development Centre.

The company also sponsored the Education, Engineering Education and Instruction Technology Conference.

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Qatar Society of Engineers

Arabian Crude Company, LLC sponsored the Qatar Society of Engineers and supported a schedule of seminars, lectures and conferences. In addition, the company helped push the importance of continuous education by providing tools, resources, and the necessary technology.

Arabian Crude Company, LLC also helped the Society invest in engineering experts and scientific research while encouraging creativity and innovation.

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Qatar Ministry of Education

Arabian Crude Company, LLC collaborated with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to establish the new Qatar Technical Secondary School for Girls. The company’s support facilitated investment in high-quality materials and supplies.

Abu Dhabi Science Festival

The company is a main sponsor of this international standard science fair which aims to motivate young people across the UAE to engage in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). This is made possible through a series of workshops, shows and interactive exhibitions. Arabian Crude Company, LLC has been sponsors since the Festival’s inception in 2011.

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THINK Science

Think Science is designed for UAE citizens and residents between the ages of 15-35 to develop their knowledge in the field of science, technology and innovation (STI). The program was set up in 2012 by Emirates Foundation, in partnership with the UAE Ministry of Education and Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge. Arabian Crude Company, LLC has been a sponsor since 2013.

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Managed by the Emirates Foundation in partnership with the National Crisis & Emergency Management Authority (NCEMA), SANID is the National Emergency Response Volunteer Program of the UAE and the first volunteering program of its kind to specialize in Emergency Response and Disaster Management. Volunteers throughout the UAE, who share a sense of social and civic responsibility, are trained to cope with national and international emergencies, thus demonstrating the country’s readiness to manage any crisis. The program aimed to train 400 volunteers last year. Arabian Crude Company, LLC has supported this program since 2021.

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Career Fairs

Arabian Crude Company, LLC participates in several career fairs every year. These events aim to inform students about different career opportunities at the company and in the labor market. They also offer opportunities for networking and interaction between employers and potential candidates.

Career fairs supported by Arabian Crude Company, LLC include:
• School Annual Career Fair
• Qatar University Career Fair
• College of the North Atlantic Qatar Job Fair and Career Awareness Day
• Qatar Education City Career Fair

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