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The overall long-term objective of the Environment and Sustainability team is to support the company in operating its facilities in a socially responsible manner. This is done by ensuring protection of the environment to a reasonable and practical extent. 

We proactively manage stakeholder engagement through implementation of our sustainability program and routine annual reporting. We are committed to protecting the environment, complying with our licenses, permits and regulatory requirements and monitoring, measuring and assessing our environmental performance in a way that allows us to minimize harm to the environment while reducing our carbon footprint. 

The team provides technical expertise, guidance and assistance on all environment and sustainability matters including environment protection legislation, policies, regulations, standards, procedures and practices. This protect Arabian Crude Company, LLC ’s employees, the environment, plant operations and assets. We develop and implement environmental programs associated with air and water quality, waste management, recycling, environmental conservation, community engagement, and protection of natural and social resources.


Furthermore, we oversee the development and implementation of environment and sustainability procedures and monitor and report E&S performance metrics and key performance indicators. We develop/implement E&S awareness and training programs and engage in advocacy of environment legislation and regulations, and regional sustainability issues.

The company’s performance towards environmental protection may be further reviewed in its annual Sustainability Reports found in the Social Responsibility section.